Success and learning are the two sides of the same coin

How to Keep the Keepers
April 13, 2018
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Learning is a never ending process – be it any aspect of life. And hence, this rule applies in business too. Success and learning are the two sides of the same coin and therefore focus should never be shifted from the latter. Let’s understand more about the constant learning process…

The general human behavior:

It’s a general human behavior that after attaining a certain level of success, many of us do not really bother to give much thought to learning new things; be it – about our customers, business strategy that we follow or the markets that we serve, and lot more. However, this is not an appropriate approach. With the rapid and constant change that the world of business is witnessing, in addition to new opportunities as well as challenges, it is essential for one to keep on learning.

Willingness to learn:

Ours is an ever changing business and we all have to keep ourselves updated with the current market affairs and trends. We always have to keep looking for something new to develop which will lead to growth in our business and that is why having this willingness to learn just like a student is very crucial. We cannot carry on with the learning’s of the past and hence have to make a conscious effort to learn new things and change ourselves in order to change our business. This also means that one cannot afford to be rigid and adamant on taking new ideas.

Stay updated with current trends:

Every year the business experiences an inflow or influx of new ideas through the new young talented people coming in. The newer generation entering the market comes with new opinions, different skill sets and higher expectations and with an urge of stability and growth. Hence, many a times it becomes important to remind ourselves about where we come from and how people around have put a lot of efforts in us to get us to the next level. In continuation to this, we as owners of marketing companies, have to put our best towards our team and keep up with the new generations and relate to them. We need to think like them and for that we have to cultivate curiosity and adaptability in ourselves.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

There are examples of companies such as Nokia who never adapted towards change and so perished, unlike companies like Samsung and Apple who kept up with the new generation trends and technology that has led them to become market leaders.

It is indeed good to take pride in what we already know and what we have achieved. It’s the reward of being successful. However, on the other hand, keeping an open mind and a student’s mentality will always help us scale new heights. And for that we will have to get on the field, learn from new owners, network with other successful people in the business, irrespective of their tenure in the business. There will be challenges and conflicts in one’s mind about past achievements, victories, failures, pride and prestige. But as Steve Jobs quoted ‘stay hungry… stay foolish’.


In our business, growth is impossible without being at par with current trends. So let us learn new things and let us change our mind-set, our work ethics, and our approach and finally, let us change our and our people’s future.