What We Do

QASpl – The One-Stop Business Solution Provider

QASpl is not just a direct sales consultant; it is a one-stop business management and outsourcing company that believes in investing its personal selling and back-end support expertise in businesses and new start-ups, thus enabling them to increase their customer acquisition.

We provide a unique combination of the best experts in the direct sales industry, along with substantial local reach, extensive knowledge and remarkable experience in sales and business support services.

Our wide range of services includes;
  • Face-to-face Sales and Marketing
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Contact Centre
  • Complete Fundraising Solutions
  • Business Consultancy Services
  • Document Verification

In the past two decades, QASpl has successfully partnered with many well-known and new brands as their ultimate sales vehicle in India’s competitive markets. We focus on building a strategic sales system for empowering start-ups achieve a desired market position and the established businesses to enhance their market reach.

If you are a start-up and aim to build a strong network of strong customer base, QASpl can be your ultimate partner in providing you a great head start through our robust sales management expertise.

We are a committed team with a unique combination of skill sets and the operational experience of building successful teams and businesses. We stand behind the start-ups supporting them right from the early stage of the start-up's growth and provide value to them even more beyond handling their sales.

We also provide support in terms of;
  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Accurate sales forecast
  • Prospective customer demographics
  • Brand guidance
  • Extensive product training
  • Powerful sales tools

We act as your business outsourcing partner, where you can outsource all your sales and marketing related functions to us, so that you can focus on enhancing product or services that you develop.

If you are looking for a one-stop direct sales vehicle to give you an edge over your competitors, get in touch with us.

Our Wide Range of Services

Face-to-Face Marketing

While technology will continue to enhance our efficiencies, the importance of personal selling is irreplaceable.

QASpl believes in the power of face-to-face communication, and hence provides extensive direct sales and marketing services that have been proven time and again to be the most cost-effective method in the marketing mix. We empower businesses to reach directly to their potential customers at their homes, their work places, at private sites and public venues.

We take pride in the fact that we generate revenue in millions every year for our clients with the team of professional field representatives. Our performance-based model gives our clients a fair opportunity to only pay for the results we deliver.

Marketing companies contracted with us specialise in customer acquisition across major industry sectors. With the presence of more than 3,000 business associates across 25 cities, we are one of the most successful face-to-face sales and marketing organisations in India today. Our team of business associates are well-equipped with skills and product knowledge to create a positive costumer experience.

Complete Fundraising Solutions

Face-to-face donor acquisition is just one part of our fundraising services. QASpl’s fundraising solutions bring together a range of services that can fulfil the needs of our clients at every stage of their fundraising and donor-acquisition journey. It includes personally meeting the donors and educating them about the cause, collecting funds, processing forms as well as answering their queries post acquisition.

Moreover, QASpl has a dedicated team for corporate fundraising that helps you showcase the world the impact you are making. We help forming meaningful partnerships between corporates and charities to collaborate and work on a mission to create positive change in the society.

We also comprehensively manage and promote all your corporate fundraising activities.

Data Management Solutions

QASpl is your trusted data management solutions provider that offers you excellent professional services and support. With the help of our competent data management team, our services will help you achieve significant cost-savings and make data management outsourcing affordable.

To ensure accuracy, QASpl uses best-in-class technology with an aim to deliver unmatched services with accurate and timely deliverables. Being one of the fastest growing data management service providers across India, customer satisfaction is pivotal to us where we strive for excellence in delivering every project to the highest standards.

Business Consultancy Services

If you are looking for someone reliable to help set up your start-up in any market segment, QASpl is the ultimate solution. Consequently, QASpl has been steadily growing to become one of the leading business consultancy service providers in India.

We assist our clients right from branding, advertising and strategic market planning for your business, we can help you with everything to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved. Moreover, our expert team will help you reach your potential donors / customers. With all credit to our dedicated team, we are known for the quality of our service and speed at which we deliver.

Contact Centre

We live in an era where customers want convenience. QASpl offers comprehensive customer care that fulfils your every business requirement by addressing all the needs of your customers.

Our well-equipped contact centre offers services including tailor-made customer service, pre and post-sales support, revenue management and order processing services, to name a few, thus enhancing your brand value.

Document Verification

QASpl helps to verify the authenticity of the documents provided. From forgery to false documents, altered to invalid certifications, our expert team of investigation officers can verify and certify all types of documentations. We also provide background screening, risk advisory and corporate investigation services.

We use well-developed techniques and proven methods to ensure accurate and timely deliverables for our document verification services.